Keys Management


KMS provides access to key only to personnel identified by PIN, proximity badge or fingerprint.

The personnel which is identified can open the door and have access only to the keys within its competence, while all the others remain mechanically locked.

The system is fully configurable, even in the remote status, and provides:

- The real-time recording of all withdrawal movements and redelivery;
- Constant monitoring on the detention of each key;
- The return of each key in pre-defined period and the possible sending of alarm signal to non-return;

as well as a greater accountability for the holders of the keys.

KMS is a modular system and, in its different configurations, is able to storage of up to 192 key chain with RFID technology which working as real proximity badge.

KMS can be provided with a door made of transparent polycarbonate or metal door painted, in such a way the keys are not visible from the outside.

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