E-box Configuration tool

WiFi programming of Eurobalise telegram.
Verification of single Eurobalise telegram.
Certification of the programming
Dimension: 490mm x 394mm x 192 mm
Bag material:
Structure inpolypropylenecopolymerresin - STANDARD MIL-C-4150-J
Weight: 10kg
Temperature: 0° - 55°C – relative humidity 5% - 95%
Storage: 0° - 55°C
Protection grade: P5

Eurobalise Cable

Length: 9 meters
Core: 2 twisted conductors, red copper section 1mm^2
Insulation shield: Faraday cage diameter: 7,6 ± 0,5 mm. + tinned copper braid
Outer sheath: Compound black IEC 332-1. External diameter: 11,0 ± 0,5 mm.
Circular metal connector, with bayonet coupling.
Operating temperature: Functional -25°C / + 85°C. Storage -40°C / + 85°C.
Insulation resistance: ≥ 10 MΩ.km at 20°C (cond./cond.+ shield).
Dielectric strength: conductor/conductor: 3000 V dc, 1 min. / conductor/shield: 3000 V dc, 1 min.
Impedance: a 486 kHz: 120 ± 10 Ω. / at 8 kHz: 170 ± 10 Ω.
Weight: 190 g/m approximately

Fasten kit

Dimension: Type A - 300 x 350 x 323 mm / Type B - 230 x 350 x 323 mm.
Material: reinforced Polyamide with 50% glass fiber / Stainless steel.
Accessories: Kit is equipped with all accessories (screws, nuts, washers, spacers) to fasten Eurobalise and cable.
Mechanical resistance: EN125-3; IS402 class 4V.
Installation fixed balise: simply, rapid and reliable by torsion and release of the brackets with spring latch.

Quickly Fasten Kit

Quickly Fasten Kit is used in temporary installation (site, maintenance, etc…).
Allow you to position the balise on railroad tie in a very short time and without remove the ballast.
Dimension: 300 x 350 x 68 mm.
Material: reinforced Polyamide with 50% glass fiber.
Accessories: brackets with spring latch.

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